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TitleAuthor(s)YearJournal DetailsMore Info
The Elephant in the Room: Predictive Performance of PLS Models Shmueli, G., Ray S., Velasquez Estrada J.M., and Chatla S.B. 2016 Journal of Business Research Get article 
Predicting good deeds in virtual communities of consumption: The cross-level interactions of individual differences and member citizenship behaviors Hsu, H.Y. & Yen. H.R. 2016 Internet Research, 26 (3)  
One-Way Mirrors in Online Dating: A Randomized Field Experiment Bapna, R., Ramprasad, J., Shmueli, G. and Umyarov, A.  2016 Management Science Get article 
Clarifying the terminology that describes scientific reproducibility Kenett, R. S. and Shmueli, G. 2015 Nature Methods Get article 
Modeling Bimodal Discrete Data Using Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Mixture Models Sur, P., Shmueli, G., Bose, S., and Dubey, P. 2015 Journal of Business & Economic Statistics Get article 
A multilevel approach to examine employees' loyal use of ERP systems in organizations Yen, H.R., Hu, P.J., Hsu, H.Y., and E.Y. Li  2015 Journal of Management Information Systems Get article 
Assessing ERP Post-Implementation Success at the Individual Level: Revisiting the Role of Service Quality Hsu, P., Yen, H.R., Chung, J. 2015 Information & Management Get article 
Examining cloud computing adoption intention, pricing mechanism, and deployment model” Hsu, P., Ray, S., & Li-Hsieh, Y. 2014 International Journal of Information Management (34:4), pp. 474-488 Get article 
Green Purchasing by MNC Subsidiaries: The Role of Local Tailoring in the Presence of Institutional Duality Hsu, P., Hu, P., Wei, C., Huang, C.,  2014 Decision Sciences, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 647-682 Get article 
The Central Role of Engagement in Online Communities Ray, S., Kim, S.S., & Morris, J.G.  2014 Information Systems Research, (25:3), pp. 528-546. Get article 
Outcomes Matter: Estimating Pre-Transplant Survival Rates of Kidney-Transplant Patients Using Simulator-Based Propensity Scores Yahav, I. and Shmueli, G. 2014 Annals of Operations Research, vol 216 issue 1, pp. 101-128. Get article 
Directionally-Sensitive Multivariate Control Charts in Practice: Application to Biosurveillance Yahav, I. and Shmueli, G. 2014 Quality & Reliability Engineering International, vol 30 issue 2, pp. 159-179. Get article 
The impact of servicescape cues on consumer pre-purchase authenticity assessment and patronage intentions to ethnic restaurants Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. 2014 Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Get article 
On Information Quality Kenett, R. S. and Shmueli, G. 2014 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, vol 177 issue 1, pp. 3-38 Get article 
Too Big To Fail: Larger Samples and the P-Value Problem Lin, M., Lucas, H., and Shmueli, G.  2013 Information Systems Research, vol 24 issue 4, pp. 906-917 Get article 
Integrating ERP and e-Business: Resource complementarity in business value creation Hsu, P. 2013 Decision Support Systems, Vol. 56, pp. 334-347 Get article 
The interplay of conscious and automatic mechanisms in the context of routine use: An integrative and comparative study of contrasting mechanisms Ray, S., and Seo, D.  2013 Information & Management (50:7), pp. 523-539 Get article 
Wavelet-based Monitoring for Biosurveillance Shmueli, G. 2013 Axioms, vol 2, pp. 345-370 Get article 
Data Dispersion: Now You See It… Now You Don’t Sellers, K. F. and Shmueli, G. 2013 Communications in Statistics: Theory & Methods, vol 32 issue 17, pp. 3134-3147 Get article 
Co-authorship networks and research impact: A social capital perspective Li, E.Y., Liao, C.H., and Yen, H.R. 2013 Research Policy, 42, 1515-1530 Get article 
Product option framing under the influence of a promotion versus prevention focus Cheng, Y.H., Yen, H.R., Chuang, S.C., and Chang, C.J. 2013 Journal of Economic Psychology, vol 39, pp. 402–413 Get article 
Industry-Academia Partnerships Shmueli, G., Saha, R., and Gupta, R.  2013 OR/MS Today (INFORMS Magazine), August 2013 issue, pp. 32-34 Get article 
A practical perspective on the classification of service innovation Hsieh, JK, Chiu, H.C., Wei, C.P., Yen, H.R., Cheng, Y.  2013 Journal of Services Marketing, 25(5), 371-384 Get article 
Commodity or Competitive Advantage? Analysis of the ERP Value Paradox Hsu, P. 2013 Electronic Commerce and Research and Applications, Vol. 12, No. 6, pp. 412-424 Get article 
夥伴合作還是顧客共創? – 探討台灣企業之新服務協同發展 王玟凱, 嚴秀茹*, 魏志平, 丘宏昌 2013 產業管理論壇 , 15(1), 4-22  
—Online Users' Switching Costs: Their Nature and Formation Ray, S., Kim, S.S., & Morris, J.G.  2012 Information Systems Research (23:1), pp. 197-213 Get article 
Exploring Consumer Value of Multi-Channel Shopping: A Perspective of Means-End Theory Hsaio, C.C. Yen, H.R., and Li, E.Y. 2012 Internet Research, Vol. 22 (3), 318-339 Get article 
Service Innovation Readiness: Dimensions and Performance Outcome Yen, H.R., Wang, W., Wei, C.P., Hsu, H.Y., and Chiu, H.C 2012 Decision Support Systems, 53(4), 813-824 Get article 
Quantifying the Degree of Research Collaboration: A Comparative Study of Collaborative Measures Liao, C.H., and Yen, H.R. 2012 Journal of Informetrics, Vol. 6, 27-33 Get article 
Editorial: Introduction to special cluster on managing technology-service fusion innovation Chang, Y.C., and Yen, H.R.  2012 Technovation, 32, 415-418 Get article 
A cross-cultural comparison of perceived informational fairness with service failure explanations Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. 2011 Journal of Services Marketing, 25(6), 429 – 439 Get article 
Security Assurance: How Online Service Providers Can Influence Security Control Perceptions and Gain Trust Ray, S., Ow, T., & Kim, S.S. 2011 Decision Sciences (42:2), pp. 391-412 Get article 
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