Chen-Ya Wang
Assistant Professor
(03) 5742219
  • Service Encounters 
  • Cross-Cultural Services 
  • Marketing Service Recovery

Brief Bio

現職 Employment 
清華大學服務科學研究所助理教授 Assistant Professor, Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 

學歷 Education 
Ph.D, Hospitality Management, Penn State University 
MS, International Management, University of St. Gallen 
BBA, International Business, National Taiwan University 

學術經歷 Academic Experience 
賓州州立大學餐旅管理學院講師 Instructor, School of Hospitality Management, Penn State University 

研究興趣 Research Interests 
服務接觸與溝通 Consumer responses to service encounters 
跨文化服務行銷Cross-cultural services marketing 
前線服務人員管理Management of front-line service employees 
觀光餐旅行銷 Tourism and hospitality marketing 

Projects  研究計畫
PI for National Science Foundation (NSF) project 國科會研究計畫主持人
Customer Evaluation of Intercultural Service Encounters (文化調整服務策略下之顧客評鑑研究) (101-2410-H-007-001-MY2)

Select Publications

  1. Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. (Accepted). The impact of servicescape cues on consumer pre-purchase authenticity assessment and patronage intentions to ethnic restaurants. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.
  2. Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. (2011). "A cross-cultural comparison of perceived informational fairness with service failure explanations", Journal of Services Marketing, 25(6), 429 – 439.
  3. Kim, M.G., Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. (2010). The relationship between consumer complaining behavior and service recovery: An integrative review. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 22(7), 975-991. (equal contribution with 1st author) 
  4. Wang, C.-Y., & Mattila, A.S. (2010). A grounded theory model of service providers’ stress, emotion, and coping during intercultural service encounters. Managing Service Quality, 20(4), 328–342.  
  5. Wang, C.-Y., Mattila, A.S., & Bartlett, A. (2009). An examination of explanation typology on perceived informational fairness in the context of air travel. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 26(8), 795–805.


跨文化行銷溝通Cross-cultural Marketing Communication 

前線服務人員專題研討Seminar on Service Providers 

組織行為Organizational Behavior 

餐旅行銷Hospitality Marketing (at Penn State)