• 融合科學、工程、管理以及設計四個領域的專業知識,發展服務科學的研究方法。
  • 培養具有科技與人文素養,及服務創新與創業能力的菁英領袖人才。
  • 結合學術與產業資源,增進社會福祉與提升國家競爭力。
  • 積極參與國際學術社群,成為服務科學學術研究重鎮。
The Institute of Service Science is the first graduate program established in Taiwan in 2008 with the vision of 
  • Integrating domain knowledge in science, technology, management, and design to develop the service science discipline
  • Nourishing students to become professionals in service innovation in order to improve the well-being of human society and raise national competitiveness
  • Cooperating with industries to boost the service economy
  • Contributing to domestic and international academic communities with research outputs.
  • 服務導向資訊科技
  • 服務行銷與管理
  • 服務創新與設計
  • 商業分析
The institute offers a Masters program and an International PhD program, focused on one of four modules:
  • Service Oriented Information Technology
  • Service Marketing & Management
  • Service Innovation & Design
  • Business Analytics

2017 迎新溯溪 ISS River Trekking

產業系列講座Industry Speaker Series

CEO下午茶 X 庭茂農業生技 羅信沂董事長 庭茂農業生技股份有限公司 
CEO下午茶 X IBM 王惠慶 總經理 IBM 
CEO下午茶 X 大江生醫 陳彥任 營運長 大江生醫 
CEO下午茶 X 上銀科技 屈岳陵 研發部門助理總經理 上銀科技 
CEO下午茶 X 熠飛綠能 劉毅 董事長 熠飛綠能 
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公告暨演講學術活動 News and Events

  • 【開幕茶會】服科十週年策展
    Posted May 17, 2018, 7:34 PM by ‎(ISS Office)‎清大服科所
  • 【工作坊】第八屆清華大學服科所『未來農確幸』設計思考工作坊 【2018未來農確幸設計思考工作坊─設計農業園區新體驗 】服科所設計思考工作坊隆重登場囉!今年五月將與晁陽綠能園區攜手合作,進行一場密集修練的工作坊。邀請來自不同領域的你加入,用行動實踐思考、讓洞見被人看見,一起以晁陽六級農業為主軸,融入設計思考元素,發展出一套令人驚艷動心的新設計吧!➤➤➤報名連結:https://goo.gl/j1DXyM◇活動時間:2018.05.18(五)晚 - 05.20(日 ...
    Posted Apr 29, 2018, 6:34 PM by ‎(ISS Office)‎清大服科所
  • 【Seminar Talk】6/12(二)13:00-Data Analytics and Decision Models in Health Care Applications(Prof. Chun-An Chou) Sincerely invite you join this event and please register from https://goo.gl/forms/jZPXaS4il97oYh0E3
    Posted Apr 24, 2018, 8:25 PM by ‎(ISS Office)‎清大服科所
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研究系列講座 Research Seminar Series

簡稱short title講者Speaker機構Affiliation詳情More detail
Big Data and Analytics Research in Information Systems  Dr. Roger H.L.Chiang University of Cincinnati Click here 
Decision Neuroscience and Real-World Decision Making Prof. Yu-Ping Chen Department of International Business, National Taiwan University Click here 
Habit Formation Technology Dr. Patricia Pei-Yi Kuo Northwestern University Click here 
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Recent Publications by ISS Faculty

Research Dilemmas With Behavioral Big Data Galit Shmueli 
Customer-customer interactions (CCIs) at conferences: An identity approach Wei, W., Lu, Y. T., Miao, L., Cai, L. A., & Wang, C-Y 
Bridging the Gap: A Generalized Stochastic Process For Count Data Li Zhu, Kimberly F. Sellers, Darcy Steeg Morris and Galit Shmueli 
When customers want to become frontline employees: An exploratory study of decision factors and motivation types Wang, C.-Y.*, Guchait, P. Chiang, C.-H., & Weng, W-T 
Analyzing Behavioral Big Data:Methodological, Practical, Ethical, and Moral Issues Shmueli, G. 
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