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【恭賀】林福仁教授與博士班 Nila Armelia Windasari 同學 榮獲 2018 台灣服務科學學會學術研究獎 博碩士論文獎博士組特優

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【演講】9/19(三)14:20 「算不出來的未來:跨領域創新的世界,沒有地圖怎麼走?」

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當人工智慧、物聯網以及大數據進入每個人的客廳與臥房,我們更該思考的是,新科技究竟該如何發展,又會如何左右人類的未來?這次演講由麻省理工學院包盛盈博士分享她在創新科技的跨領域歷程。包博士多年來帶動研究,進行跨領域創新。除了結合不同領域,她甚至突破領域之間的疆界,將科學融合藝術、設計、教育、和市場行銷策略,不但創造了第一個MIT Center for Future Banking, 更帶領研究,實地應用於真實世界。 她推動產品創新戰略,並在設計和科學方面獲得國際獎項,包含iF設計獎、紅點設計獎、麻省理工學院TechX創新獎,以及微軟科技研究獎。此外,她的創業團隊在眾籌平台達到1500%的成功募資,接著發展成為國際企業。包博士的領導團隊在全球市場創建了跨領域性產品,更推動國際合作,包括哈佛大學、奇點大學以及麻省理工學院產學合作。 包盛盈曾被選為麻省理工學院歷史上第一位博士級藝術學人,並連續兩年獲得麻省理工學院思科科技研究員的殊榮。在獲得博士學位之前,包博士分別在醫學、工程、藝術設計等領域分別獲得全額獎學金,例如加州大學舊金山分校醫學院、麻省理工學院計算機科學和人工智能實驗室、加州大學伯克利分校工程學院、以及麻省理工學院媒體實驗室的研究獎。此外,她在2014 年全球STEM領域被選為Adobe的創新思想家,並且是唯一獲此殊榮的女性。 在這場演講中,包盛盈將分享她跨領域創新的實際案例。她將分享講如何將腦海中的想法轉化為新的服務、行銷策略以及創新科技,並探討如何將概念化的想法實踐,走出一條獨一無二的路。 As artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data rise in popularity, several interesting challenges come to light. Many of the challenges belong to fundamental areas that determine not only the development of the emerging technology itself but also the future of humanity. Throughout the years, Dr. Pao has dove into the intersection of technologies, AI, design, which, as a result, led to services in a variety of areas including Fintech, healthcare and even arts. This talk will cover the unique path that Dr. Pao transformed her ideas into news services, marketing strategy, and technology innovation. In this talk, you will explore how to take an idea from conceptualization to realization. In this talk, you may find out the secret about how Dr. Pao achieved to be uniquely interdisciplinary - Prior to obtaining her PhD, she won full scholarships, not only in medical science, but also in engineering, AI, and arts, including the PhD fellowships from the UCSF Medical School, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, the UC Berkeley School of Engineering, as well as the MIT Media Lab. This talk will also shed light on how to drive interdisciplinary explorations in a practical way. Dr. Pao will share her experiences in leading innovation strategies in international collaboration from a new perspective -- taking us on the ride from conceptualization to deployment, from imagination to product innovations in the real world. She will share her international experiences and true stories which turns challenges into successful startups as well as interdisciplinary strategies. 講者簡介: Dr. Sheng-Ying Pao is an award-winning innovator, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. She drives product innovation strategy and wins international awards both in design and in science, including the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the MIT TechX Innovation Prize, and Microsoft Research Competition. In addition, Pao has co-founded startup teams, one of which achieved 1500% of its crowd-funding goal and grew into a global business. As she leads teams to create interdisciplinary products in global markets, Dr. Pao also directed strategic partnerships between the industry and Harvard University, Singularity University, and MIT. She is both a poetic scientist as well as a technology-enabled artist. Pao was selected as the first PhD Arts Scholar in MIT history, while at the same time she was named MIT Cisco Fellow for two consecutive years. In addition, she was featured as Adobe's Creative Thinkers and was the only female that received this honor. Her TED talk, for its ability to cross the boundary between arts and technology, while evoking human interactivity and curiosity, was featured as one of the most inspiring talks in the past three years. Dr. Pao has been invited to exhibit her work at museums, serve on the board of various companies and organizations, and deliver keynote speeches across Asia, Boston, and Silicon Valley.

【活動】2018科管院畢業典禮 CTM Graduation Ceremony

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【2018未來農確幸設計思考工作坊─設計農業園區新體驗 】


◇活動時間:2018.05.18(五)晚 - 05.20(日)傍晚,需住宿
◇報名時間:報名時間,即日起至 05/06(日)
◇公布時間:5/8(二) 之前email通知
(**農業、園藝、觀光休閒相關系所 三人早鳥團報價 : 5000元*,優惠至04/22(日)23:59**)
◇交通費用:新竹清華大學工程一館 - 雲林來回:200元/人

◇活動地點:雲林晁陽綠能園區 (雲林縣麥寮鄉興華村興華路32號)

設計思考工作坊FB粉絲專頁 https://www.facebook.com/NTHUISSDesignThinking/

#六級農業 #DesignThinking

【Seminar Talk】6/12(二)13:00-Data Analytics and Decision Models in Health Care Applications(Prof. Chun-An Chou)

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Sincerely invite you join this event and please register from https://goo.gl/forms/jZPXaS4il97oYh0E3

【Seminar Talk】4/17(二)12:30-Big Data and Analytics Research in Information Systems(Dr. Roger H.L. Chiang)

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【Seminar Talk】4/11(三)14:00-Decision Neuroscience and Real-World Decision Making(陳瑀屏教授)

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[課程演講]4/12(四)10:00 打造下一個黃金十年@R406 (廖秀玉博士)

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