[News]Taiwan Startup iCHEF Join Hands with Microsoft and NTHU

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Taiwan Startup iCHEF Join Hands with Microsoft and NTHU 
Using App to Upgrade Small Restaurants to Big Data Tech 
「小餐廳大資料」專案宣布啟動   森邦新品牌「 堤諾比薩 Café 」將率先導入

The highlight of Taiwan’s catering industry, Taipei Int'l Chain & Franchise Spring Exhibition, launched on March 11. Sun Spark Group, which owns more than 600 shops and brands such as Laya Burger, together with Microsoft, the Institute of Service Science (ISS) at National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), and startup company iCHEF, jointly announced the initiation of their big data project, “Small Restaurant, Big Data,” tailored to the affiliated catering brand. Tino’s Pizza will begin using iCHEF POS App and become the world’s first affiliated brand offering their franchisees using big data technology. 
年度餐飲業重頭戲『國際春季連鎖加盟展』在 3 月 11日於台北世貿開展,而擁有『拉亞漢堡』等品牌與超過600家門市的森邦集團,於其攤位上與台灣微軟、國立清華大學服務科學研究所、以及新創公司 iCHEF  共同宣佈啟動全球第一個針對餐飲加盟品牌進行的大資料研究專案『 小餐廳大資料 』,並由其新品牌『 Tino’s 』將使用 iCHEF POS App並成為全球第一個讓加盟主獲得大資料科技優勢的餐廳加盟品牌。

Bring Cutting-Edge Technology to Small Restaurants 
“We want to bring big data technology to small restaurants, and this is a world-class research project conducted in Taiwan,” says ISS Professor Galit Shmueli, who is the director of the project and director of Center of Service Innovation & Analytics (CSIA) at NTHU. “iCHEF POS App thoroughly records multiple aspects of operational data at restaurants. Based on this information, the international research team of ISS will help iCHEF utilize advanced tools from Microsoft Azure to perform analytics, aiming at exploring new grounds in running restaurant businesses.” 
 “The Machine Learning service on Microsoft Azure can analyze big data and intelligently build up predictive behavior models to master consumers’ preferences and have timely, suitable, and applicable interaction plans with customers and improve both the business and services of restaurants. It is Microsoft ‘s pleasure to participate in this meaningful project. We love to support the idea of making the restaurant business a better business,” said Wang-Tun Chou, Director for Marketing & Operations at Microsoft Taiwan. 
『 我們想把大資料科技帶進小餐廳中,而這是在台灣進行的世界級研究 』,負責主持本研究的國立清華大學服務科技與管理中心的主任 Dr. Galit Shmueli 表示 『  iCHEF 的 POS App 以非常完整的資料結構紀錄了餐廳的海量營運資料,然後服務科學研究所的國際研究團隊以此資料為基礎,利用Microsoft Azure雲端服務上的先進工具來進行研究分析,要透過大資料探索出對如何開餐廳的全新觀點。』
『  Microsoft Azure 上的機器學習工具( Machine Learning )能夠分析海量資料,並智慧的建立行為預測模型,來掌握消費者的偏好,進而規劃出適時、適地、適切的消費者互動,讓餐廳的營運與服務更優化。』台灣微軟雲端事業開發副總經理周旺墩表示『 很高興微軟能參與這如此有意義的專案,共同努力讓開餐廳變一門更好的生意。』

Find out Freakonomics in Restaurant Business 
The research team wants to explore new possibilities, such as the “Late Entree Effect,” where customers who are served their Entree 20-30 minutes after the appetizer, compared to those who served 10-20 minutes after the appetizer, have a 60% greater chance of ordering desserts. Once the correlation is found and validated, the app can automatically alarm servers to serve at the right moment and thereby easily maximize restaurant revenue.
“Though we are in the 21st century, compared with the last century, there is no difference to our understanding of restaurant management. Big data technology brings more opportunities,” Ken Chen, cofounder of iCHEF, said. “With the aid of the research team, we will find out more hidden rules in running restaurant businesses. This will enhance chances of success in the restaurant venture.” 
研究團隊想探索的全新可能性包含『飢餓前菜現象』:在上完前菜後20-30分鐘再拿到主餐的客人,比起10-20分鐘拿到的客人,增加60%追加甜點的機率。一旦能找出關聯性,就能在 APP 設定自動提示服務生,在正確的時間上菜,讓餐廳營收輕鬆最佳化。
『 雖然已經是 21 世紀,但我們對餐廳經營的瞭解跟上個世紀並無區別,但大資料科技其實帶來很多機會 』iCHEF 共同創辦人程開佑表示 『 透過研究團隊的協助,我們要找出更多開餐廳不為人知的潛規則,讓後將其開發成雲端自動化工具,來讓數千家小餐廳只要透過 iCHEF POS App 就能輕鬆受益,讓餐廳創業能更容易成功。』

Let Taiwan Restaurant Brands Own The World Leading Technology 
 “The vibrant dining culture of Taiwan has led to the world class catering industry. It can be especially seen in the franchise system. Taiwan is the headquarters of more than 2,000 brands of chain-store franchises, having the world’s highest concentration of franchise HQs. What’s more, half of these stores are food franchises, and more than 100 brands have already gone global,” said Ho-Sen Hsu, the Chairperson of Sun Spark Group and the Vice President of Association of Chain and Franchise, Taiwan. “Sun Spark Group has been devoted to helping their franchisees to succeed in food ventures through brand system like Laya. With the installment of big data technology, we believe that both domestic and international franchisees will gain great competitive edge, and build up restaurants in 21st century. 
Both domestic and international franchisees of “Tino’s pizza Café” will enjoy free analysis of their service provided by the research team. The research team will also regularly provide insights from big data to the Sun Spark headquarters to enhance management strategies. There are more than twenty stores currently. It is estimated to actively expand markets in ASEAN and East Asia. 
The “Small Restaurant, Big Data” project will open their research to more catering brands in the world to achieve their goal of turning the restaurant business into a great business. 
「台灣活躍的餐飲文化造就了世界級的餐飲產業,特別反應在連鎖加盟體系上,台灣其實擁有超過 2,000 家連鎖加盟品牌總部,是全世界密度最高的國家。其中一半以上是餐飲業者,更有超過 100 個品牌已國際化發展。」森邦集團董事長同時也是台灣連鎖加盟促進協會副理事長徐和森表示「 森邦一直以來致力於透過『拉亞漢堡』等品牌體系,協助想創業的加盟主能在餐飲業獲得成功,現在透過大資料科技的導入,相信將來海內外的加盟主將獲得更大的競爭優勢,開出真正是 21 世紀的餐廳 。」
森邦集團的「 堤諾比薩 Café 」品牌的海內外加盟主,都將無償的享受到研究團隊提供的分析服務,並定期提供大資料分析洞察來與加盟總部來發展經營績效提升策略。目前「堤諾比薩 Café」擁有二十多家門市,並預計於接下來兩年內積極拓展東協與東亞市場。

About “Small Restaurant, Big Data” 
“Small Restaurant, Big Data” is a research directed by iCHEF. iCHEF collects raw data through the iCHEF POS App from restaurants and collaborates with an international research team led by Professor Galit Shmueli from ISS at NTHU. Microsoft is the only strategic technology partner in this project, providing its advanced tool, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to assist the research. The aims of this project are to find hidden rules in restaurant management and develop automated management tools. 
Project Website: http://www.ichef.tw/big-data-en.html   
『小餐廳大資料』研究專案是由 iCHEF 主導的研究專案。透過其 iCHEF POS App 收集餐廳資料,委任國立清華大學服務科學研究所 Dr. Galit Shmueli 主持的國際團隊進行研究,而台灣微軟是本專案的唯一戰略技術夥伴,提供其先進的 Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 工具協助研究團隊進行研究。目標是找出餐廳經營的潛規則,並開發出自動化經營工具。 

About iCHEF 
iCHEF is a Taiwan-based international restaurant, dedicated to serving restaurant startup owners. iCHEF aims to improve the restaurant business. iCHEF provides startup owners with a POS App, entrepreneur community, and media. 
關於 iCHEF
iCHEF 是以台灣為總部的國際餐廳科技公司,專注於服務餐廳創業者,要讓開餐廳成為一門更好的生意。提供餐廳創業者 POS App、創業社群、以及創業媒體。
▪2014 榮獲亞洲創業競賽 Echelon『評審特別獎』 
▪2014 榮獲日本創業競賽 GBAF 2014『最優秀賞』
▪2015 榮獲日本設計獎『Good Design Award』
▪2016 榮獲德國IF設計金獎『International Forum Design Gold Award』

About Microsoft 
Microsoft (Nasdaq“MSFT”@microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 
微軟公司 (那斯達克證交所上市代號︰MSFT) 成立於1975年,微軟是全球科技產業的領航者,提供軟體、裝置、及資訊服務解決方案,幫助人們以及企業實現他們最大的潛能。身為政府、學校與企業最值得信賴的夥伴,微軟自1989年於台灣深耕以來,始終致力於幫助台灣提升創新力、競爭力以及促進經濟繁榮-共同來亮點台灣!

About Sun Spark Group 
Sun Spark Group was founded in 2002. Starting from a western breakfast store in Taiwan, the Corp has expanded its business across the Taiwan Strait and Southeast Asia, owning 6 catering brands, including Laya Burger, TINO'S PIZZA CafÉ, Play Pasta, and so on. After accumulating years of experience in Western restaurant chains, the group has steadily built up chain brands. With the vision of “Taiwan Roots, Global Growth,” the Corp will bring happiness, delicacies and moments to the world. 
森邦集團創始於 2002 年,從台灣一間西式早餐門市發展,目前橫跨兩岸與東南亞等地擁有六個餐飲品牌,包含拉亞漢堡、堤諾比薩 Café、Play Pasta 玩義麵等,累積多年西式餐飲連鎖經驗,穩健踏實地創造連鎖品牌。以深耕台灣、佈局全球為願景,把幸福、美味、感動帶到全世界。

About the Institute of Service Science (ISS) at National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU) 
The Institute of Service Science (ISS) at NTHU is the first graduate institute in Taiwan to focus on studies of service science. Established in 2008, it started by offering a Masters program followed by an international Ph.D. program launched in 2014. With dual emphasis on technology and humanity, the institute's research efforts focus on expanding knowledge in service innovation, big data and business analytics, service-oriented information technology, and service management and marketing. An ultimate goal is to enhance the application of service science to create ongoing value and in turn promote social well-being. The Master's program curriculum combines academic theories and industry internships, aiming to develop leading talents with solid knowledge, which is valuable for industry practices.
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