• 融合科學、工程、管理以及設計四個領域的專業知識,發展服務科學的研究方法。
  • 培養具有科技與人文素養,及服務創新與創業能力的菁英領袖人才。
  • 結合學術與產業資源,增進社會福祉與提升國家競爭力。
  • 積極參與國際學術社群,成為服務科學學術研究重鎮。
The Institute of Service Science is the first graduate program established in Taiwan in 2008 with the vision of 
  • Integrating domain knowledge in science, technology, management, and design to develop the service science discipline
  • Nourishing students to become professionals in service innovation in order to improve the well-being of human society and raise national competitiveness
  • Cooperating with industries to boost the service economy
  • Contributing to domestic and international academic communities with research outputs.
  • 服務導向資訊科技
  • 服務行銷與管理
  • 服務創新與設計
  • 商業分析
The institute offers a Masters program and an International PhD program, focused on one of four modules:
  • Service Oriented Information Technology
  • Service Marketing & Management
  • Service Innovation & Design
  • Business Analytics

2015 迎新溯溪 ISS River Trekking

產業系列講座Industry Speaker Series

CEO下午茶X Discovery亞太電視網 洪韻淇/大中華區事業發展暨企業溝通副總裁 Discovery亞太電視網 
CEO下午茶X 國璽幹細胞 莊明熙/董事長 國璽幹細胞 
CEO下午茶X 健亞生物科技 陳正/總經理 健亞生物科技 
CEO下午茶X TAAZE讀冊生活 張天立/創辦人暨董事長 TAAZE讀冊生活 
CEO下午茶X學學文化創意基金會 張基義/副董事長 學學文化創意基金會 
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公告暨演講學術活動 News and Events

  • [News]六福村邀清華大學產學合作 共創樂園服務新體驗 國立清華大學服務科學研究所學生為六福村,設計著重營養均衡的「動物主題餐廳」。圖/六福村提供新竹六福村主題遊樂園今年首度與國立清華大學服務科學研究所聯手合作產學交流計畫,在課程內容安排實地訪查,引領學生貼近企業實務運作,同時透過與內部團隊共創形式,鼓勵學生成為園區的服務創新設計師,以令人驚豔又能符合企業實際需求的創意提案,為園方激發更多、更具吸引力的樂園創新體驗主題活動。新竹六福村主題遊樂園與國立清華大學服務科學研究所聯手合作產學交流計畫,透過與內部團隊共創形式,鼓勵學生成為園區的服務創新設計師。圖/六福村提供清華大學服務科學研究所是國內第一所開設「服務創新與設計學程」的系所,其中「服務創新」課程由研究消費者行為的嚴秀茹教授 ...
    Posted Jun 14, 2016, 10:41 PM by 清大服科所 ‎(ISS Office)‎
  • [賀]服科所104級同學榮獲玉山校園黑客松銀牌 恭喜服科所104級李童宇、楊長鳴、黃珮茹、張倍華與施昱竹五位同學組隊,榮獲玉山校園黑客松銀牌E.Sun Hackathon Second place!!
    Posted May 22, 2016, 6:12 PM by 清大服科所 ‎(ISS Office)‎
  • [國際學生] 2016秋季班外國學生錄取名單National Tsing Hua University Announcement of Admission for Fall 2016                             Name                               Department/InstituteDegreeAdmission Status189Lugens NorvilInstitute of Service ScienceMasterAccepted 190Nicholas Patrick DanksInstitute of Service ScienceDoctorAccepted 191Arturo Heyner Cano bejar ...
    Posted May 19, 2016, 6:51 PM by 清大服科所 ‎(ISS Office)‎
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研究系列講座 Research Seminar Series

簡稱short title講者Speaker機構Affiliation詳情More detail
Healthcare Predictive Analytics for Risk Profiling in Chronic Care Dr. Yu-Kai,Lin  Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Information Systems College of Business, Florida State University Click here 
Value Co-creation in Online Health Communities Prof. Fan Xiucheng范秀成教授 Marketing and the Director of the Center for Service Marketing and Management at School of Management, Fudan University. Click here 
Matrix Visualization Dr. Chun-houh Chen陳君厚博士 Institute of Statistical Science,Academia Sinica中研院統計所 Click here 
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Recent Publications by ISS Faculty

The Elephant in the Room: Predictive Performance of PLS Models Shmueli, G., Ray S., Velasquez Estrada J.M., and Chatla S.B. 
Predicting good deeds in virtual communities of consumption: The cross-level interactions of individual differences and member citizenship behaviors Hsu, H.Y. & Yen. H.R. 
One-Way Mirrors in Online Dating: A Randomized Field Experiment Bapna, R., Ramprasad, J., Shmueli, G. and Umyarov, A. 
Clarifying the terminology that describes scientific reproducibility Kenett, R. S. and Shmueli, G. 
Modeling Bimodal Discrete Data Using Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Mixture Models Sur, P., Shmueli, G., Bose, S., and Dubey, P. 
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